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The flexible nature of Scout Active Support lends itself to people who want to be involved in Scouting and benefit from opportunities for flexible volunteering.

Scout Active Support can take up as much or as little time as the volunteer wishes.

Each Scout Active Support member is responsible to the Scout Active Support Manager for carrying out the work of the Scout Active Support Unit

Examples of Scout Active Support Units

Programme delivery to young people

A District Scout Active Support Unit can be a source of extra adult help in Leader absence. Or they can teach skills that the existing Leader team do not have, such as pioneering.

The County Scout Active Support Unit can provide support to Explorer Scouts or the Scout Network when planning international expeditions. This could include fundraising.

Development of Scouting

A Group Scout Active Support Unit can provide Training Advisers to all Leaders in the Scout Group. This could include delivering Module 1, Essential Information, to all new adults supporting the Group including parents.

A District Scout Active Support Unit can provide catering at District events during the year. This could include District Sectional Camps, District Meetings and the District AGM.