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Brewood Scout Goes to World Jamboree

21 January 2014


2nd Brewood explorer scout, Jack Rolfe has been selected as part of the United Kingdom contingent attending the 23rd World Scout Jamboree 2015 in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City, Japan. Jack was chosen from 86 scouts to join the West Mercia Unit attending the Jamboree.

The Jamboree runs from the 28th July to 8th August 2015 and will be attended by 30,000 scouts from nearly every country in the world.

The UK Contingent is made up 3,000 Scouts and Guides from all over the UK. There are 63 Units made up of 
36 participants aged 14 to 18 and four adult leaders. There will also be a number of supporting adults including more than 300 members of the International Service Team.

The UK Contingent will also be supporting a number of Scouts from developing countries who would not be able to attend otherwise.

During his visit Jack will be spending some time with a Japanese family, known as home hospitality, to learn more about their culture, food and way of life. He will also visit Hiroshima, Tokyo and experience the aftereffects of a natural disaster.

The Jamboree takes place during peak holiday season in Japan and the climate there will see average temperatures of 30C during the day and 25C during the night.

During Jamboree itself Jack will be taking part in a number of activities –

Peace – where he will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and museum 2015 will see the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of cities in Japan.

Global Development – an on-site module programme, which tries to raise awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights and health among participants.

Cross Roads of Culture – an activity to promote the exchange of cultures, and learn respect for the cultures amongst participants.

City of Science – a one-day programme in Kirara-hama, which will deepen the understanding of advances in science and technology and the benefits and problems associated with science. This programme provides a venue for learning about the development of fuel cells and other energy sources for the future, ecological problems, and robotics and automotive technologies.

Community Services – Participants can compare their own community to another community. This programme includes practical implementation of the “Reaching Out” strategy in the local community. Participants will be able to experience the real Japan by working with local people.

Water activities – sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, rafting and fishing will be carried out at lakes, rivers or the nearby coast.

Between now and July 2015 Jack will prepare for this adventure of a lifetime by learning about Japanese culture and international Scouting. Jack will also be holding a number of different events to raise the £3000 he needs to attend. He is collecting old printer cartridges and clean clothes at the trading post, market square, Brewood and is available to do odd jobs in the Brewood area such as leaf clearing, car washing, lawn mowing, etc.

If you would like to offer Jack some work or help him raise his funds please call 01902 850926.

Thank You