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28 January 2011

The Brewood Youth club which resides on the same land as the scout hut has been given 12 months to reduce its costs or face closure.

This then leaves the door wide open for the sale of the land on which the scout hut sits.

We must step up our activity in the village to ensure we have youth facilities in the village for a long time to come.

The group is compiling a letter to the county council formally requesting a renewal of the lease. watch this space for the feedback.


From the Staffordshire county council website:

Youth centres across Staffordshire that have been living with the threat of closure will stay open with the help of the community, Staffordshire County Council has revealed.

Following last year’s county council elections, a comprehensive programme of closure was halted by Councillor Ben Adams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Culture.  A detailed review followed, concentrating on those centres with low usage or prohibitive costs.

Five youth centres will be asked to draw up a community plan by the end of the year, giving community groups a real opportunity to be involved in their local centre.  Plans could include finding new premises, significantly reducing costs or finding additional usage for the building.  A further seven no longer face immediate closure, but will need to reduce costs significantly over the next two years.

Councillor Adams has written to all the youth centres involved outlining the options and emphasising the need for the local community to get involved.  He said:  “It was clear to me that some of the centres designated for closure prior to last year’s county council elections were actually providing a worthwhile service for young people so I put the closure programme on hold.

“Following a detailed review, I think we can continue to provide positive activities for young people in these areas but we will need the support of local community groups to make the centres affordable.  Managers from Staffordshire Young People’s Service will be meeting with local organisations, parish and town councils and the young people themselves to explore opportunities for increasing membership, sharing running costs or moving to different, more cost effective premises.

“I am determined to spend the limited budget that the county council has for positive activities for young people on enjoyable and challenging programmes, and not on maintaining unsuitable buildings.  We can still provide an excellent service and with local support I am hopeful many of these places will benefit from improved local youth clubs.”

Community groups who are interested in becoming involved in their local youth centre should contact for more information.

The premises identified in the review are as follows:

The Orme Centre, Newcastle

A community plan by December 31 or closure
Hazel Slade

Need a plan to reduce costs over the next two years
Blyth Bridge
Minster Hall
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