Cub Scout Saves Grandfathers Life

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Cub Scout Saves Grandfathers Life

16 January 2012

A nine year-old Cub Scout used the first aid skills he learned in Scouting to save his grandfather’s life.

Lewis’s grandfather, Graham, who suffers from varicose veins and a mild form of haemophilia, knocked his leg while his grandson was round, and began to bleed severely from one of his veins. He called out for help, and quick-thinking Lewis ran to the bathroom, fetched a bundle of toilet roll, and used it to apply pressure to the injury and slow the bleeding.

Reassuring Graham, he said ‘Don’t panic, I have learned about this at Cubs’.

Taking control

As they were alone in the house, Lewis then directed his grandfather to keep the pressure on, while he got the phone to call 999 and went out to flag down the ambulance. Once the paramedics arrived, Lewis called his dad, and it was only later on, when the drama was over, that the gravity of the situation finally hit him and he burst into tears.

Graham was later taken to hospital to have minor treatment to the vein

Skills learned in Cubs

Lewis’s Cub Scout Leader, Kim Marston, is a paramedic, and over the past two years the Group has been including the First Aid Staged Activity Badge in their Cub Scout programme. Most of the Cubs are now at level three.

Kim expressed her admiration for the way that Lewis acted quickly and calmly in a stressful and potentially very serious situation.

‘Scouting is fun, adventurous and educational at all ages, and I can only say how very proud I am that one of our Cubs was able to use his knowledge to such good effect.’

Could your Cubs do the same?

To learn more about the First Aid Staged Activity Badge, click here. To find out more about joining Scouting, use the contact page to start your adventure.