Scouts put the brakes on speedy drivers

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Scouts put the brakes on speedy drivers

2 February 2011

A Scout Troop from Shipston has been encouraging speeding motorists to change their ways by taking to the streets and catching them in the act.

The Scouts from the 1st Shipston-on-Stour Group were so concerned about cars speeding through their town that they approached officers from their local force to see how they could persuade drivers to kill their speed.

The resulting joint police and Scout roadside operation saw Scouts, working alongside the officers, learning how to work a speed gun. As a result 24 drivers were stopped in just two hours.

The offending motorists were informed that they would be dealt with by way of a verbal warning from a Scout. If they agreed to this, no formal action was taken by the police. However, if they refused to participate they would be served with a Fixed Penalty Notice at the roadside.
Community initiative

All of those stopped opted to speak to a Scout, who alongside a Police Officer, delivered their warning and a safety message explaining the dangers of speeding through their community. A hard copy of the warning and a booklet about the consequences of exceeding the speed limit, was also issued.

Assistant Chief Constable Neil Brunton said: ‘I am very impressed with both the initiative shown by the Scouts and the co-ordinated response from the Shipston Officers. I’m delighted that the Scouts of Shipston are giving up their time to help protect their area.

‘This positive community involvement is exactly the type of operation that we encourage as we continue to develop neighbourhood management.’
Community Challenge

The Scouts undertaking this task were working towards the Community Challenge. Initially supported by West Mercia Police this initiative is now backed by 22 forces and encourages Scouts and police to work together to contribute to their communities.

The Community Challenge sponsored by the police